Parent’s Comments

“Theodore has looked forward to coming to Treasure each day and has always returned happy and joyful in his experiences there. It is clear he will thoroughly miss his time there. He learned so much: to socialise to be more independent in eating, putting away his plate and toys, dressing himself up, and making a more concentrated effort in reading books. Undoubtedly without the help of his teacher and all the other loving people around, this could not have been possible in such a short space of time, we can only marvel in amazement at what else would be achieved. So, it is with great sorrow that we have to leave and we shall miss the humour, the feedback, and the mutual concern of the staff at Treasure. And of course, Theodore s sister we hope will enjoy the same help one day. On behalf of Theodore, many many thanks and good wishes.”

Parent of a child aged 4

“To everyone at Treasure Montessori thank you very much for all the care and love you showered on Tanya during her stay at Treasure.
We are very thankful for your patience at teaching Tanya good manners and helping her develop good habits. All the teachers have invested lots of time in teaching her the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics which has set a sound foundation for life long learning ahead.
We are very pleased how Tanya has transformed from a little shy toddler to a confident little girl with your support and encouragement.
We wish to wish you all the best for a bright future ahead with loads of love, Tanya, and her family.”

Parent of child aged 4

“Dear Ms. Ogidi and all the teachers it is with heartfelt gratitude and sadness that we say goodbye with Nevan to his second home for the past several months.
It was simply amazing what you did with our little boy who was quite spoilt by everyone back home and didn’t know any English or how to conduct much in his daily activities.
We could see almost every day how he was improving in his communication, confidence, and curiosity.
We are certain that being at Treasure will be a very good foundation for him to grow up to develop his own personality. We would have loved him to stay at Treasure until school time, but as life is full of surprises and we have to move on unexpectedly some times.
A big thank you again and I will not have any hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the future. God bless you all.”

Parents of child age 3

“Thank you for being the best nursery, it’s been so much fun, I will think about and treasure everything you have done now, tomorrow and forever.”

Parents of child age 4

“Thank you, Treasure Montessori, for all you have done, for taking care of me and making learning so much fun! With all my love.”

Parents of child age 4

“Dear Treasure Montessori,
Thank you soooo much for everything that you have done for Harry, and also all the support you have given me at the time when things were a bit difficult. Harry has loved his time at nursery and has really thrived here. Thank you for helping him to develop into more of the loving, caring and responsible boy he is. I have always taken great comfort in knowing Harry was in a safe and loving environment when he was with you. The kindness and the respect all the children show to each other, and how Harry has learned to show other children outside of nursery it’s a testament to your beautiful teaching methods, lovely and caring staff and the vision you have for your nursery setting.”
I am so grateful to have been a part of the Treasure family for five years and Harry and I will miss you dearly, thank you a million times for preparing my big little boy for his next adventure with gratitude.”

Parent of child age 5

“Dear Treasure Montessori,
Henry has had a fantastic time attending nursery here, both myself and my partner would whole heartily recommend the Nursery to family and friends.
Henry is really going to miss the staff and friends he has made whilst coming here we won’t consider any other Nurseries if we reverted back to full childcare,
Many thanks!”

Parent of child age 2

“To everyone at Treasure,
Thank you so much for all of your care, Joseph & Samuel miss you!
Love and Thank you!”

Parent of child aged 3, 2

“To all my Teachers at Treasure,
Thank you so much for looking after me during my time at Treasure
I will miss everyone here dearly!
Lots of love.”

Parent of child aged 2

“When Valerio started Treasure Montessori Preschool he couldn’t understand English. He used to ask for my help in the playground to play with other children and make friends. Now he’s able to understand and speak fluently, even explain difficult situations and argue! He’s making a lot of friends by his own, he’s also more aware of the environment, plants, types of flowers, animals, continents, languages, etc.. He’s prepared for school now!

If I had to overview his experience at Treasure, I’d say happiness and learning.

Thanks to the Montessori team for the dedication and patience.”

Parent child aged 4

“Ellena had a wonderful time at Treasure. The staff showed great care towards Ellena. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and this has helped Ellena greatly in her learning The staff has made learning fun for Ellena and I believe the Montessori method of teaching will help kids to become positive and productive members of society. We appreciate that the values taught and reinforced at Treasure are the same values we teach our children.
We are grateful for everything you have done for Ellena and we are happy to have been part of her journey with Treasure.”

Parent Child aged 4

“Ishaan has had a wonderful time at Treasure. In the short period he has been at Montessori he has learnt a lot. I am pleased with the progress he has made in learning and understanding. The Montessori staff have a special way of teaching, I am sure that all the children find learning interesting and enjoyable.
I would be happy to send Ishaan for his school holidays to Montessori. Many thanks to the Treasure team especially for being so flexible and for the time Ishaan has enjoyed here.”

Parent child aged 4

“It’s with great sadness that today is Ella’s last day at Treasure. Over the last year, she has been shown love and patience by all the staff there and this has been reflected in the way she has developed.
We owe a lot of gratitude to everyone here and am sure  Ella will miss you all now that we are moving away.”

Parent child aged 2

“I needed holiday cover for Domenico and I found Treasure and they looked after Domenico for three weeks. He had a wonderful time and was very happy.
Thank you very much for everything!”

Parent child aged 4

“We have been very impressed with the care and attention that Alexander received at Treasure. We feel that the staff have truly encouraged and helped Alexander reach his potential. We are also impressed With the communication from staff and extra activities arranged eg Sports day, Christmas play and open days. A very happy and confident child and very pleased parents.
Thank you!”

Parents child aged 4

“Dear Treasure,
Thank you for bringing Lucy into your nursery family. She has truly enjoyed her friends, teachers, and time spent here. You have a very loving and welcoming staff that instantly helped her feel comfortable.”

Parent child aged 3

“Dear Treasure team,
I have no words; to just say thank you would not be enough to express how grateful I am for all your hard work and efforts. Dana joined when she was six months old and now she’s for years old, so this is her second home!. She has enjoyed every single day and moment here. She always wants to come, even on weekends… always happy, and made very good friends.
Thank you very much!”

Parent child attending from 6 months to aged 4

“Thanks a lot for all the care and love given to Emmanuel while he was here at your setting. I must say he has really improved very much. Though he was here for less than 6 months. He has improved in his learning, can write his name, know the days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons. He is also very helpful at the moment, which he wasn’t when he started.
I want to say a very big THANK YOU to all of you at Treasure. God richly bless you. Emmanuel will miss you all very much. Keep it up!”

Parent child aged 4

“Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the care and love you’ve shown Finn. He has grown to be a polite and confident young man which I am sure is due to Treasure.  We love the annual events and the care that has gone into preparing for it. It’s a lovely nursery which we will treasure for a long time.         
I’m sad Finn will be leaving behind so many good friends he has made, but we have made a good network of parents and will endeavor to keep in touch. Thank you again Treasure! Keep up the good work with all the children that might come in the future.”

Parent child aged 4

“Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Treasure Montessori who provided Sophia with such a great start. She learnt to find her own personal truth and to be disciplined in the pursuit of it. Most of all she has a great sense of humour and is curious about the world around her. SO much of this is due to the warm and caring environment at Treasure. We can’t thank you enough.”

Parents of child attending from aged 4

“Dear Treasure team,
Thank you very much, you have been brilliant. Lily and Seve loved the nursery and you will always have a special place in our hearts.”

Parents children aged 4

“Dear Treasure Montessori,
I am so proud to say that Jessica enjoyed a very healthy foundation to her academic life here at Treasure. Her care, Love and attention from you all was 100% and she has become so settled and secure in this fine environment. Thanks to all of you for being her friends and giving her a lot of confidence in her abilities –  a start in life that only a Montessori environment can provide. Thank you especially to Jessica’s key worker – our sincerest gratitude always to you – your professionalism has been flawless. Always grateful, and best wishes to you all.
We will miss you dearly.”

Parents child aged 3