Life at Treasure provides a calm, peaceful setting where we set and achieve milestones in these early years’ development stages.

Life at Treasure

We educate and care for children within a nurturing, safe, environment with a wide range of materials to enable each child to progress based on the principles of Montessori and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Children learn from what they can see, feel, and touch rather than what they are told. With our wealth of Montessori materials in literacy (writing, reading, communication); mathematics, science, geography, history and practical life, children learn effortlessly and are free to explore things that interest them as long as they want following their own pace and rhythm.

Life at Treasure asks children to help and consider each other whilst being challenged, thereby forming their independence and character.

Treasure is a place where children are responsible, listened to, respected and the same is expected of them.