Image from the Home page showing a pupil and the dove of peace

On Tuesday 2nd June we opened our doors to the remaining children and welcomed a small number of children back to Treasure. Since then it has been a great success for all. The children say goodbye to their parents at the side door, initially, we had a few wobbly lips, but they were soon easily distracted. The children are now familiar with the routine of washing their hands upon entering the children’s bathroom opposite the rear door access, visuals help support them with this.


When children enter the building, they will have to adhere to the guidelines indicated below.

1. Use the side entrance to enter the building

2. Children’s Temperature are taken prior to entry to the building.

3. Outside shoes are removed and put on their internal Slippers.

4. Hands are washed with soap for 20 seconds.

5. Children are encouraged/ taken to wash hands frequently during the day, including – when they arrive at the setting

When they arrive at the setting

when they return from breaks

when they change rooms

before and after eating

6. Hand sanitizer available in rooms including hallway

7. Children are encouraged to avoid touching their faces including mouth, nose, and eyes.

8. They are encouraged to sneeze into their elbow or tissue
(not their hands).

9. Tissues are available in each room.

10. Children are encouraged any used tissues in the bin and then hands
are washed.

11. Children are monitored during the day to see if they develop any symptoms.

12. We ensure Daily written communication and on-going communication with parents via email.

The rooms at Treasure are still very much the same, we have taken out some role play clothing, soft furnishings including our carpet time mat and soft toys.

As per guidelines we have had to limit the number of books in our book corner and removed cushions, the children still really enjoy sharing stories with others.

Procedure for staff within the setting

1. Use the side entrance to enter the building

2. Wash your hands as you enter the building or use the hand sanitiser

3. Maintain 2 metre rule where possible

4. Wash their hands frequently

5. Avoid unnecessary contact (no shaking hands) with visitors

6. Avoid touching your face including mouth, nose, and eyes

7. Sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (not your hands)

8. Put any used tissues in the bin and then wash your hands

9. At Treasure we have in place a cleaning schedule that ensures cleaning is generally enhanced and includes:

Frequently touched surfaces being cleaned more often than normal.

Ensuring that there are clear procedures for maintaining cleaning processes for food preparation areas, dining areas, and table coverings.

10. toilets are cleaned regularly, and children are encouraged to clean their hands thoroughly after using the toilet

11. Sanitizer in each room

Self-care stations are set up around the nursery in the various rooms to promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ procedure. The children have got really got at this, it’s also a great way to promote their independence skills.

During meal times, adults wear aprons when serving food and wash their hands frequently throughout lunch time.

Cleaning procedures during the week to ensure the safety of our children, staff, families, and community at large.

An upgraded sanitization procedure is in place.

An enhanced cleaning schedule has been implemented which includes furniture, surfaces and children’s toys, telephones, door handles, and equipment (soft furnishing e.g. Soft-bodied toys, cushions, role-play clothing will be removed from the designated areas the children will be accessing) this is done daily at the end of the sessions using detergents and bleach.

The nursery is mopped and hoovered at regular intervals, this includes dusting in every room, regardless of whether they were used or not.

Communal areas, touchpoints, and handwashing facilities are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Items such as towels, flannels, and bedding are not shared by children and cleaned frequently.

Government guidance is that PPE is not required for general use in early years settings to protect against COVID- 19 transmission. PPE should continue to be worn as normal for nappy changing and the administration of First aid if staff wish to wear masks or extra PPE this is their choice and it will be provided.

In the sleep room, children’s sleep mats are socially distanced apart.

All the staff fully understand the importance of promoting the children’s emotional wellbeing during this time. Spending time outside Gardening helps with their wellbeing.