08 Jun

Fathers Day BBQ & Open Day, Saturday 16 June

Our annual Fathers Day BBQ and Open Day is on Saturday 16 June.

The Open Day is from 10am – 12, with the BBQ following immediately after at 12-2pm. Everyone is welcome!

We welcome all parents and friends to join us.

This is a great opportunity for the whole family to visit the Preschool and Nursery and take a good look at our facilities. All our Staff will be on hand to show you around, and answer any questions you may have including what the Montessori philosophy involves, what our curriculum entails, and most importantly, how we can be of benefit to your child.

Here at Treasure we offer a wide range of challenging activities for your children to enjoy, with our caring, qualified staff, our perfect blend of Montessori and Early Years. Treasure Preschool and Nursery is worth a visit. If you don’t believe us, just ask some of our existing parents who will be there as well. (…as they say seeing is believing..)

So, do come along for a look around and chat, and enjoy! It’s also an irresistible opportunity for you to enjoy delicious food cooked on the premises as usual.

Please help us plan the numbers for catering by letting us know if you plan to attend either the Open Day or BBQ (or both) by emailing offfice@treasuremontessori.co.uk, or calling us on 01276 29774.


28 Feb

Mothers Day Coffee Morning, 8 March

Come and join us for the Mothers Day Coffee Morning at 10am on Thursday 8 March.

There will be a special Mothers Day performance by the children which is not to be missed. The get together also allows a discussion of all aspects of the schools curriculum and activities together with progress of the children.


25 Feb

New Year … New ways to have fun and learn …

January may be a slow time for most .. recovering from the Christmas overindulgence, and trying to get rid of those post New Year Blues. But we refuse to have any of those at Treasure! We’ve kick-started the year with our official Birthday Celebrations – which we have always done under the radar, but it’s now time to share.

Birthdays are very special days, and for most children it is by far the most important one of the year (followed closely by Christmas of course!). As part of our Montessori practice, we have now fully implemented the “Birthday Walk” Celebration. What is this? you may ask… Well, it has to do with those baby and family photos we have been asking you to bring in.

The Birthday Walk is a wonderful Montessori way of celebrating a child’s birthday. It starts with us having photos for the Birthday Child to represent each year of his life. There is a large image of the Sun with the months of the year laid out on the floor.

The children and teachers sit in a wide circle around the sun and the Birthday Child stands next to his birth month, holding the globe.

He will then walk around the Sun as each time he completes a circle it represents 1 year of his life. After each turn, the teacher asks the child what he remembers of himself at that age. In this way the child recognises how much he has developed and grown in just a few short years.

This is a wonderful way for the Birthday Child to interact with the other children, and to express themselves freely. One of our 4 year old’s when asked what could he do now that he was unable to do before – responded “ I can go to the office all by myself and ask for paper”

And of course, what’s a birthday without any bling? Our Birthday Child gets to wear the Birthday Crown and be King or Queen for a day!

23 Dec

2016 Nativity Play

The end of year Nativity Play is something we all look forward to.

As parents, it’s a chance for you to see your little angels in action, and for us, this is an opportunity to showcase just what our children are capable of. I’m sure everyone present would agree that our Christmas Play this year was nothing short of spectacular!!

It has been many weeks of practice, prop making and nervous anticipation, but it was all worth it – because on the day the children surpassed our expectations, and we are so very proud of all of them.








As you are all aware, Treasure has lost a few members of Staff recently, but our new recruits have had a few months to work together and learn more about the children, and I think this was revealed in the success of the Nativity Play. From the scene settings and props by Preschool Staff, to decorations by the Baby and Toddler team, to Ms Fernanda’s getting the school clean and tidy, and eventually to Ms Claire’s lovely voice narrating the Christmas Story – each member of Staff played a special role in the lead up to the main event. I still don’t know how Ms Giusy, Juliette and Mrs Begum managed to get the toddlers to sit still and not run off during the show!

3 4


It all starts with a good script – enter Miss Floriana with her wonderfully worded play and specially adapted songs to ensure all children were involved, including the babies. With help from Ms Claire and Mrs Ogidi the script was perfected to bring out the best in each child. Although much credit goes to Ms Floriana, this was defintely a team effort. The enormous achievement of the preschoolers is also thanks to Miss Daniella, or as she is sometimes lovingly referred to – Miss LaLa (much to Daniella’s disdain)

5It is a special thing when a plan comes together, and in this case, it was heartwarming – I definitely caught a few teary looks from parents. The children remembered their lines and their special parts in the play, and much to our delight sat down quietly when they needed to.

6 7


The cleverly adapted Christmas songs were so much fun, and as the children were already familiar with the actions, everyone could join in. Didn’t they look amazing in their little jumpers and costumes .

8 9





Thank you to all of you for attending. These social events are big dates in our school calendar, and we look forward to these opportunities where we can meet in a more relaxed and social setting. The dance moves demonstrated were impressive, especially the ones by Mrs Ogidi – it’s a pity we don’t have pics of those!

10 11





On behalf of all of us here, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!

2017 is going to be a great year for Treasure – so watch this space!








26 Nov

Celebration Week – November 2016

picture-1Our Celebration Week to mark Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night was hightlighted by a week of dress up. There was a fabulous selection of costumes ranging from Spiderman and Queen Elsa to beautiful Eastern dresses. Thank you to all our parents and children for embracing this project, it was a very colourful and imaginative week.


But we are Treasure Montessori – so it definitely wasn’t all fun and games ! As some of you know, we were looking for a new Cook at the time, so apart from planned lessons, our preschoolers were put to work helping to make lunch as well. Ms Floriana and Ms Daniella were on hand to supervise.








It sometimes feels like the preschoolers have all the fun!          Well not anymore …

Ms Claire, Giusy and Juliette are determined to ensure that our babies and toddlers are involved in all our celebrations.


And there’s nothing like a bit of messy foot painting to bring out the best smiles.







The cold weather didn’t stop them from going outside and producing this masterpiece depicting Fireworks and Bonfire Night.







And the grand finale …. the children’s works of art now proudly displayed in the Baby and Toddler rooms. Please take a few minutes to go up and have a look, the originals are amazing!


19 Nov

Treasure Community – Bumper Harvest Collection

A BIG Thank You to all our Parents for supporting our Harvest Collection.


Your generosity was heart-warming, and it was wonderful to see the children get really involved as well.


This year Treasure donated all goods to St Vincent De Paul Society, a charity that helps the local community including Asylum seekers, the Homeless, Children and Single Parent Families.








The preschoolers in particular took great pleasure in handing out the food items to the charity representative Mr John Looby.

Your contributions have made a difference to people in need and Mr Looby has very kindly sent us a Letter of Thanks to be shared with you all.






17 Oct

Open Day Saturday 22 October 10am -12 noon

Come and join us for our Open Day on Saturday, 22 October from 10 am to 12 pm.
We would like to welcome all parents and friends to pop in and have a leisurely look around our nursery, preschool and our generous outdoor play area. This is your chance to meet and chat with all Staff, ask questions and learn what Treasure can offer.
This is also the perfect opportunity to meet with existing parents and see for yourself why the vibrant and caring environment we provide is right for your child.
We look forward to seeing many prospective parents on Saturday.
28 Jul

Summer Open Day and Father’s Day BBQ

Saturday, 11 June, was our Summer Open Day and as Father’s Day was just around the corner, we decided to mark the occasion with a BBQ. We had a fabulous turnout of existing parents and children who joined us for the Open morning and stayed on for the BBQ. And of the prospective parents that came to the Open Day, we are so pleased to report that some have already signed up to Treasure, so a great day all round!


The morning began indoors with coffee and cakes, made specially for the occasion by Ms Jo-Jo and Ms Anca. Prospective parents were given the grand tour by Mrs Ogidi, and seemed quite impressed (by both our premises and the delicious cake!)

It wasn’t all fun and games though, as Saturday was also an opportunity for parents to look through their children’s achievement folders and have a chat with their key workers. As the drop offs and pick ups are usually quite rushed, this was the time for parents to look around the Nursery and Pre-school at their leisure and see what new activities the children have been busy with.


DSCF0189-minWe were blessed with a beautiful sunny day, and somehow the Staff managed to prepare the gardens with various activities for the children. These included an Arts and Crafts table, a fishing game which was a great hit (after all which child doesn’t like water?) and several outdoor toys to keep them busy.




If you have visited us, you will probably agree that one of our biggest assets is our generous garden, which includes this climbing frame and several designated areas for role play, gardening, and quiet time. The garden benefits from being completely enclosed, so the children are free to roam around safely. As part of their daily activities our children spend a great deal of time outside, and as such the garden is always evolving. We try to incorporate the changing seasons as well as our lesson plans, so the garden is in effect an extension of the classroom.


Of course it would not be DSCF0203-mina British BBQ if we didn’t have some rain! But that did not dampen anyone’s spirits and luckily everyone was able to take shelter under our makeshift tent. The showers passed quickly and it was back to the serious DAD job of BBQ’ing.



We can safely and very proudly say that the Father’s Day BBQ was a huge success, and this was possible due to the joint efforts of our Treasured Staff, our incredible children and our supportive parents.

Thank you all again, and we hope that this is just the start of many, many more social gatherings that we can look forward to.



31 May

Open day and BBQ – Saturday 11th June 2016


We would like to warmly invite parents, families and friends to come and enjoy the morning with us on Saturday the 11th of June from 10am to midday.

This will be a great opportunity to chat with other parents and meet prospective parents.

The children achievement books will also be open ready for you to look at and we can’t wait to show you the flowers, fruits and veg the children have been busy planting in the garden.

Weather permitting we’re also hoping to have a BBQ from 12- 2pm to celebrate father’s day.

Refreshments will be provided.

23 May

Early years child care practitioner


A brilliant opportunity has arisen to join our team!

The role would suit somebody who has a passion for working with children and is keen to grow their skills, experience and career. There is also the opportunity to benefit from a competitive salary and excellent working conditions.

Treasure Montessori provides high quality full Montessori day care. We have a friendly, easy going working environment ensuring security and well-being for our children. We have a good reputation, have grown through word of mouth, and have a well-equipped setting with plenty of external space.

Essential Requirements:
The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a proven track record in a similar role and will have:-

  • Minimum Level 3 qualification in child care. (EYE), with Montessori a distinct advantage.
  • 1 year + experience or newly qualified
  • Passionate about excellence in child care.
  • Reliable, responsible and motivated.
  • Creative and with real enthusiasm for external activities.
  • Experienced candidates will be considered for a deputy role.

The role will involve responsibility for the development of children’s potential. You will also act as the key person for a group of children,observing, monitoring and recording each child’s individual development.

Responsibilities and tasks include:-

  • Planning the skills development of each child, and nurturing their growth through careful delivery of their unique plan.
  • Working with other members of the team to create an engaging, fun, welcoming environment for the children both internally and externally.
  • Day to day care and education of the children in terms of organising and implementing the curriculum for the Early Years Foundation stage.
  • Team player, active participation in the day to day activities of the nursery and identifying areas for improvement.

Hours of work: 35-45 hours a week, Monday – Friday

Salary: £15,000 – £20,000 – Depending on experience

Apply now to avoid disappointment.