20 Aug

Fire Engine Visit at Treasure

The children were surprised by a visit from the Fire Brigade and they were not disappointed. A fireman dressed in his fire fighting uniform to talk about and show the children what equipment and protective clothing a fireman wears when going to fires to extinguish them. Children were invited to ask and answer questions as well as trying on helmets. The children were both enthusiastic and delighted at their learning opportunity to interact with the firemen.

The children were also invited to explore the fire engine inside and out and this caused a lot of curiosity and excitement. They were also given the opportunity to hold and use the water hose on the green in front of Treasure. This to some of the children was the highlight of the visit. The visit was deemed a great success with all children talking about and sharing their experiences with staff and their parents


20 Aug

Summer Concert and Sports Day


We had a glorious day and the morning started off with the children being very enthusiastic and excited to perform for their Mums and Dads.

The garden was decorated with the Pre-school children’s beautiful artwork and the theme was ‘the Jungle’. All that remained to do was have the children’s faces painted as jungle tigers, lions and zebras.

The Pre-school children had practised and rehearsed two songs, ‘Down in the Jungle’ and ‘In the Jungle’ along with great dance moves for each song. The children’s performance was a triumph as all their hard work had paid off.

Five of the children followed the singing and dancing by performing ‘The Three Little Pigs’ which was embraced by the children to deliver a very entertaining drama. The children had worked hard on learning their lines and their performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all children, parents and staff.

Then the races started with the Toddlers’ Running Races followed by the Pram Races which got the whole audience of children, parents and staff cheering with excitement. The Pre-school followed on from the Toddlers with their Sack Races, Egg and Spoon Races, Relay Races and Pairs Water Transporting Races. Fun was had by all and all the children received a Certificate and Star Biscuit Medal to commemorate a fantastic Sports Day.

Thank you all for coming and we hope that you all had an enjoyable and memorable morning with us here at Treasure.