25 Feb

New Year … New ways to have fun and learn …

January may be a slow time for most .. recovering from the Christmas overindulgence, and trying to get rid of those post New Year Blues. But we refuse to have any of those at Treasure! We’ve kick-started the year with our official Birthday Celebrations – which we have always done under the radar, but it’s now time to share.

Birthdays are very special days, and for most children it is by far the most important one of the year (followed closely by Christmas of course!). As part of our Montessori practice, we have now fully implemented the “Birthday Walk” Celebration. What is this? you may ask… Well, it has to do with those baby and family photos we have been asking you to bring in.

The Birthday Walk is a wonderful Montessori way of celebrating a child’s birthday. It starts with us having photos for the Birthday Child to represent each year of his life. There is a large image of the Sun with the months of the year laid out on the floor.

The children and teachers sit in a wide circle around the sun and the Birthday Child stands next to his birth month, holding the globe.

He will then walk around the Sun as each time he completes a circle it represents 1 year of his life. After each turn, the teacher asks the child what he remembers of himself at that age. In this way the child recognises how much he has developed and grown in just a few short years.

This is a wonderful way for the Birthday Child to interact with the other children, and to express themselves freely. One of our 4 year old’s when asked what could he do now that he was unable to do before – responded “ I can go to the office all by myself and ask for paper”

And of course, what’s a birthday without any bling? Our Birthday Child gets to wear the Birthday Crown and be King or Queen for a day!