23 Dec

2016 Nativity Play

The end of year Nativity Play is something we all look forward to.

As parents, it’s a chance for you to see your little angels in action, and for us, this is an opportunity to showcase just what our children are capable of. I’m sure everyone present would agree that our Christmas Play this year was nothing short of spectacular!!

It has been many weeks of practice, prop making and nervous anticipation, but it was all worth it – because on the day the children surpassed our expectations, and we are so very proud of all of them.








As you are all aware, Treasure has lost a few members of Staff recently, but our new recruits have had a few months to work together and learn more about the children, and I think this was revealed in the success of the Nativity Play. From the scene settings and props by Preschool Staff, to decorations by the Baby and Toddler team, to Ms Fernanda’s getting the school clean and tidy, and eventually to Ms Claire’s lovely voice narrating the Christmas Story – each member of Staff played a special role in the lead up to the main event. I still don’t know how Ms Giusy, Juliette and Mrs Begum managed to get the toddlers to sit still and not run off during the show!

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It all starts with a good script – enter Miss Floriana with her wonderfully worded play and specially adapted songs to ensure all children were involved, including the babies. With help from Ms Claire and Mrs Ogidi the script was perfected to bring out the best in each child. Although much credit goes to Ms Floriana, this was defintely a team effort. The enormous achievement of the preschoolers is also thanks to Miss Daniella, or as she is sometimes lovingly referred to – Miss LaLa (much to Daniella’s disdain)

5It is a special thing when a plan comes together, and in this case, it was heartwarming – I definitely caught a few teary looks from parents. The children remembered their lines and their special parts in the play, and much to our delight sat down quietly when they needed to.

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The cleverly adapted Christmas songs were so much fun, and as the children were already familiar with the actions, everyone could join in. Didn’t they look amazing in their little jumpers and costumes .

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Thank you to all of you for attending. These social events are big dates in our school calendar, and we look forward to these opportunities where we can meet in a more relaxed and social setting. The dance moves demonstrated were impressive, especially the ones by Mrs Ogidi – it’s a pity we don’t have pics of those!

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On behalf of all of us here, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!

2017 is going to be a great year for Treasure – so watch this space!