Treasure Montessori
Helping Children to Love Learning

“Helping children learn by playing and exploring,  being active, and through creative and critical  thinking, make our settings truly unique.”

Treasure Montessori nursery and pre-school provides a unique cycle of learning.  This is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years.  Between birth and 6 they are most intensively absorbing information and learn from an enriched environment.

Your child will be encouraged and nurtured to pursue their individual interests in a specially equipped Montessori classroom setting. Through this natural approach, children develop an early enthusiasm and confidence in learning. This is key for developing an awareness of self, developing personal interests, regard and respect for others, and laying the foundation for becoming a truly independent and confident person.

A child that acquires the basic skills of reading and arithmetic in this natural way has the advantage of beginning their education without fear, discouragement, boredom or drudgery. Children learn through what they see, feel, touch, hear, and experience – rather than what they are told. Using the Montessori materials, children are free to explore things that interest them for as long as they want, following their own pace and rhythm. Treasure Montessori provides an environment where children consider and help each other whilst challenging themselves, thereby forming their independence and character.