18 Sep

Building Blocks, Building Knowledge and Skills

After we unpacked our new blocks, we talked to the children about how to be safe when using them.  We must use gentle hands, make sure it is not wobbly, only 3 children at a time, use two hands and hold the blocks close to your tummy.  We must be very careful to not knock down the models, we take them down carefully.

The children then set about creating their models, initially we had just towers, then their teacher demonstrated how to make a pathway and simple steps.

We were able to cover six areas of learning using these simple resources.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Children working together developing turn taking and co-operation.

Communication and Language Development – Through discussion of being safe and reminding each other of the rules.

Physical Development – Gross motor skills by carrying the heavy blocks and developing understanding of how to be safe.

Mathematics Development – Building requires problem solving, working with shapes and angles, as well as balance.

Understanding the World – Children are exploring the capabilities of a new resource, experimenting with possibilities.

Expressive Arts & Design – Children are using their imagination and constructing forms to express their ideas.

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